Coach Kendra

I never thought I would have to worry about exercise.


I thought that because I grew up in athletics, I would always have athletics and exercise just in my blood. I never thought that exercising would be a fight within myself because it was just always what I did. 


I thought that being an athlete was who I was and didn’t understand that athletics was just what I did.

It wasn’t who I was at all. So for me when athletics was finished and I no longer had a coach or a team with scheduled workouts, and the majority of my days weren’t planned out for me anymore, I realized I was human - with a human brain. Just because I had 20+ years of experience with athletics didn’t mean I was any more likely to be consistent with exercise for the rest of my life than the next human with a human brain.


Let me explain.


I began playing soccer at the age of 5 and continued with multiple sports throughout childhood. I finished competing in college with basketball and after graduating I stayed in athletics and began coaching at my alma mater. I had the most convenient, 24/7, FREE access to exercise equipment and I lived in one of the most beautiful states in the U.S. (Colorado). Yet, I had nothing to do with exercise. Exercising was hard, and when I did manage to get a workout in, I was more sore than I cared to be. There were so many other things that would come up that I would rather be doing and when given an opportunity to do something else, exercise never won my attention. I could never bring myself to be consistent, even when I started gaining weight. I felt like I was stuck in a cycle of inconsistency. I wanted exercise to just come easy for me. I wanted it to be just something I did without having to fight myself everytime the thought of exercise came up. But I couldn’t. The more weight I gained, the more I beat myself up for letting myself get so out of hand, especially since I had just finished playing collegiate basketball a couple years prior. By the time 3 years had passed, I had become nearly 210 pounds (50 pounds heavier than when I finished my college career).


I thought that the key to consistency was finding and doing something that I enjoyed doing... I was wrong.

I tried so many different things: running, biking, jump roping, different classes, lifting… you name it, I probably tried it. For a while I enjoyed each activity, but each seemed to end the same way. I stopped and again was left being inconsistent.  I felt as though I was missing the amount of willpower that it took to be consistent. I believed that I had enough willpower to kick myself in gear every so often but at the end of the day I didn’t think I had what it took to start and never stop exercising again. All I wanted was for exercise to be like brushing my teeth. Every day I wake up and brush my teeth, then before I go to bed, I brush my teeth again. There is no fight with brushing my teeth, it is just something I do. That’s what I wanted for exercise in my life. 


No matter what I tried, I was still inconsistent. This led to frustration and a belief that I may never be consistent.


But then...


I became a life coach and mental performance coach. I immediately went to work and applied every aspect of my coaching to create a simple process to make exercising like brushing my teeth. I took ownership of my exercise and made myself a priority. 


With this process, I started the Persistent W.O.M.A.N. program where I help women across the world take ownership of their exercise and make exercising like brushing their teeth. 


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