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I have been in athletics beginning at the age of 5. I have had to consistently workout every week of every year for as long as I can remember. The habit of exercise was ingrained in me over a course of nearly 20 years, or so I thought. When I finished my collegiate basketball career, I quickly realized that this was not the case. At the age of 22, I wanted nothing more than to never work out again. This didn’t last long, I started gaining weight because I didn’t change any of my eating habits and still ate like a college athlete. I finished my college playing career at the weight of 160 pounds and 3 years later at the age of 25, I had gained 50 pounds.


When I attempted to workout, it was for no longer than a couple weeks at a time. I could never get into a true habit, and I would always overdo my workouts by trying to do more than my body could handle. I just wanted to be back to my old self immediately. This never worked out in my favor. I would get sore, tired, and then I would dread working out for at least 6 months. I was stuck in a cycle I couldn’t get out of. I would always think, “if I could just find the right workout or exercise routine, things would be different and I will stick with it.” I tried everything! I bought a mini trampoline, a jump rope, and the nicest treadmill on the market. I got a gym membership, tried swimming, and all kinds of different classes. I even tried playing basketball with my players again.  I tried getting outdoors and being adventurous - going on hikes at different mountains and even the Grand Canyon, which was extremely beautiful! But, it all ended up the same - back at home, not doing any exercising. I even began thinking that's just the way I am, "I am just inconsistent."

When I became a certified life coach and certified mental performance coach, I realized that when it comes to exercising, many of us go through a cycle of inconsistency. It mostly begins with good intentions and an exercise plan (whether it be at home or going to the gym). Along the way, at the exact time we are supposed to work out, something more pressing tends to come up and working out takes a backseat. At that moment, our brain promises it will just be this one time that we miss our routine. Eventually continuing on with our day becomes the easier thing to do - no having to change into workout clothes, get sweaty, or take another shower. We become inconsistent and then we stop exercising all together.


Unfortunately, that's not the end of this cycle. Once we stop, our brain starts constantly poking at our lack of exercise. Often times this comes in the form of questions like, "Why can't you keep with a schedule for working out just like you do for other things?" or "All you have to do is get started, why can't you just get started?" or my favorite (not really), "You've done this before, why can't you just do it again?"


Our brains are not bad, they really are just trying to help us out; however, this poking just keeps the cycle perpetuating - which is how we get stuck in this cycle. Without a disruption to this cycle, it doesn't matter what exercise plan we start, it will never be maintained long term. 

Enough is enough - it's time for you to change your brain and exercise routine permanently. In just one month, I will help you interrupt this vicious cycle so you can begin linear progress towards life long exercise!  This program fuses mental performance coaching, life coaching, and college coaching techniques to create a one of a kind process that works every time and will STOP THE CYCLE FOR GOOD!

I had enough, have you?

Join me on this journey of lifelong exercise.

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