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Hey guys, welcome to A Lifelong Habit of Exercise. I'm Coach Kendra and this is episode 18. Today I want to talk about the holidays and how we can get creative. With the holidays coming up, we are already in the middle of December, basically. So a lot of us most of the time when we don't prepare for what's to come, which is funny because the holidays come every single year, right. So with this new journey that we're in with A Lifelong Habit of Exercise, what we really want to do is we want to kind of look at what is to come and kind of start preparing for what we have coming in the next few weeks with all of the holidays, some of the gatherings, I know things are a little bit different right now with COVID. But with them being a little bit different us still celebrating the holidays, I want to go ahead and kind of prepare a little bit more. 


A few weeks ago, we talked about how to take ownership of our exercise, how to take ownership and different things in our lives. So what I really want to do with A Lifelong Habit of Exercise, and going into December, which again, we are already here, but what I really want to do is kind of start taking ownership of our exercise. And I think this is a really good opportunity for us to really take a look at our exercise journey and really take a look and decide right now, what it is that we want our exercise journey to look like during the month of December during holidays and what it is that we want to do. And again, we've talked about many times on how decisions are really what we make them. If we are good at with our reasons for our decisions, then that is a good decision. So right now we have a chance to look ahead and look at what is coming here in December and with your holidays and maybe you're going to see a little bit of family, maybe you're going to cook even just with your immediate family and who you have right there in your own home. But you have a chance to decide right now, what is that going to look like? What is your exercise journey going to look like while the holidays are coming up. 


And I've talked to you guys again, about creating exercise to be what you want it to be, and really, truly taking ownership of that. So is it going to be where this exercise journey this month is going to be something where you are not going to go to the gym, or maybe you're very used to going to the gym, and you're used to going to a physical location, and maybe that's not an option. Maybe the gyms are closed down even with COVID. Even more, so gyms are closed down more. So what is it going to be that you want to do? What do you want your exercise to look like? How many days a week? Do you want to exercise? What times of day do you want to exercise are there gonna be days that you would rather spend with your family? Those are all decisions that we get to make right now and those are all decisions that you can look at and look ahead and say, this is really what I want it to look like. This is me going to take ownership of what the future has to bring and I'm going to go ahead and prepare. And I'm going to go ahead and plan for my future self. I think so many of us often we live in that reactive brain and especially around the holidays, we almost forget or maybe don't even know, ahead of this recent time of our journey, that we are the ones that are actually in control, that we don't have to be reactive when it comes to our exercise journey. And with the holidays a lot of times I think we do think that we have to be reactive because we want to spend time with friends and family, because we want to enjoy them. Because we have a break from work or whatever it may be, we want to kind of live in the moment and truly make the most of that time. And what I want to offer to you is get creative right now and making your plan, get creative in deciding what it is that you want to do and when do you want to do it.


And maybe there's some great, actually, I know for a fact, there are some great holiday workouts, even just by googling. And I know we talked about all the time about how the what is not what matters, and the what will never be what matters because just like I said, you guys can get online right now and type in a Google search for exercises that you can do at home, for exercises that you can do with your kids, for exercises that you can do in your amount of time that you have or that you want. And you can always look at those ahead of time and say like, yes, this is going to work for me, and this is what I would like to do. And remember, like I said with my app that I do for my exercises, which again, I use my app, but there are certain days where I'm like, okay, I want to get this type of workout in and instead of going along with my app, I made Google something in the timeframe that I can do it. In the timeframe that I want something that fits what I want to do so that I'm still taking ownership And those are the things that right now we can get creative, we can get creative, and I've mentioned before, use cans that you have in your house, put cans in a plastic bag, and use those as weight. And you have that as weight. 


If you have to do workouts at home, there are more than enough things that you can use around your house as weight if you want to use it as a simple weight. But right now, you have so much time looking ahead that you guys can get creative and really take a step back and say, what is it that I want from my exercise in the next few weeks? What is it that I want from my exercise coming up in January. When I look back January one, and the holidays are coming to an end? When I look back, is it going to be where I said, Okay, I'm going to be reactive? Or is it where I'm going to be proactive right now is the perfect opportunity that you can be proactive, look ahead, make a decision. There is no right or wrong decision and you may decide ahead of time right now that you know what during the holidays, you're not going to work out. And if you were absolutely good with your reasons for that, great. If you think okay, now I want to get some workouts and I want to get some extra activity and some regular activity and hey, look, I can look at the calendar right now and decide what days those are going to be. And I can even go ahead and start planning the exact workout that I want to do, you get to do all of that right now, you get to make those decisions right now. 


So I want you guys to all truly, truly grab your calendars. Sit down, take even if it's not a full hour, what I would do is probably a full hour because I'd want to go ahead and plan everything, including the exercises while I'm sitting there and I'm focused in the exercise mode. But I would look at your calendar ahead of time, write down what it is that you guys have coming if you have parties coming up and I know again with COVID, maybe not parties, but get togethers with family, where you want to spend time with them and make the most of it, that's absolutely valid. You can do that, but if you also want to be able to work out during the holidays, if you want to be able to continue to move your body if you want to be able to continue on your exercise journey. Understand that that does not have to stop just because the holidays are coming. And again, you may have to continue to be more creative because certain things are closed on certain days. And you may want to work out on Christmas Day or on whatever specific day that you have a holiday and you may want to do that, and you can still do that. But the better you are planned and prepared for that, the easier it's going to be when that moment comes. If we decide to not prepare if we decide not to get creative ahead of time not take ownership and if we decide not to decide, when we're going to have our exercise, if that is what we want to do, then we become reactive. And when the moment comes, if we're like, Well, I do want to work out, but I don't want to plan anything and I'd rather see where it goes, then what's gonna happen is you're more likely to probably not exercise. You're more likely to be inconsistent, you're more likely to get frustrated, and then what happens we all know in the cycle of inconsistency is we get frustrated and after the fact, we start to beat ourselves up because we think that man I should have exercised, I should have done this, I should have done that. And we start to kind of beat ourselves up. 


Right now though, you have the opportunity to go ahead and plan ahead of time, you can go ahead and look at your month of December, even the beginning of month of January and decide what it is how you want to show up in what it is that you want to do on what days. How many times a week? You could wait and decide that weekly, but you can go ahead and decide it. Now you don't have to wait. You can say, hey, this upcoming week, you know, I want to work out four times a week. The next week, I want to work out three times a week or even two times a week. And then the week after that I want to go back to four times a week it is up to you. You get to decide, you get to make it simple. And you get to be good with your reasons. And that is all that matters. So for the upcoming week, I want you to take some time, take some time to sit down Take some time to get creative. What is it that you want from your exercise in the next week? What is it that you want from your exercise over the holidays? How do you want to show up and don't feel like you have to show up a certain way because anybody wants it other than you. If you are absolutely good with your reasons, if you don't want to show up in exercise and you don't want to do any type of exercise during the month of December, or during the holidays and you were absolutely good with your reasons, then absolutely do it. And then plan when you're ready to start again, when you're ready not to start again, but when you're ready to pick up, and you're ready to do your exercise again. Now for me, I like the reasons on why I exercise I love the way my body feels when I get some movement, even if that's a simple walk. Maybe exercising looks like a simple walk for you guys during the holidays. Every day, a simple walk, maybe looks like a few jumping jacks, maybe it looks What does that look like for you? I love the thought of being creative. I love the thought of being able to truly be creative, and almost make it a challenge for me of what my exercise over the holidays is going to look like. Because we always hear about how exercising over the holidays, how we just eat so much and how exercising is just non existent because the holidays happened. 


But what if it didn't have to be that way? What if we absolutely could plan and decide right now? Exactly how we wanted to show up and come January come the end of whatever we say the holidays is come that time, we did exactly what it is we wanted to do. We showed up the exact way that we wanted to show up, we went through with everything we wanted to do, even if it was just a walk every day, even if it was a 10 minute walk every single day outside, get some fresh air move your body, and that was that? If that's how you wanted to show up? And that's what you decided you did? And then you did it. How amazing would that feel? How absolutely fantastic would that be for you to have made the plan ahead of time, and to absolutely follow through because you like to reasons for it. Or on the opposite, like I said, maybe you don't want to work out during this time and maybe you consciously make a decision that is intentional not to work out during this time and you were 100% good with your reasons. And then come January, when you look back at Hey, I didn't work out that entire time that I said I wasn't gonna work out. You are more likely to be absolutely okay with that because you made that decision and you were good with your reasons. It wasn't a reactive decision. It wasn't something in the moment you just didn't work out because you didn't plan ahead. It wasn't anything like that other than the fact that you liked your reasons for it. So I absolutely challenge you for the next week to take some time and intentionally decide what it is you want from exercise over the holidays. What it is that you want from exercise over the holidays, how do you want to show up how are you going to take complete ownership of your exercise and truly, truly make exercise during the holidays, something that you rock, whatever decision that is. And when I say when you rock it you like I said can decide. Maybe I want to work out an exercise once a week. But that is something you are intentionally deciding. Maybe it is where you've been exercising but what your exercising has been it's been hard lifting or even semi hard lifting, and you've only done it three times a week and the most you've ever done exercising is three times a week and maybe for the holidays - you do want to take a walk every single day and now all of a sudden you're moving into wanting to exercise every single day.


And that is perfectly fine. perfectly fine. If you decide that you like your reasons for it, you can do it. It is a great reason. It is a great thing. All you have to do the decision is yours and you have to like your reasons for it. But I want you all to plan ahead of time plan for the holidays right now get super creative and take ownership of what is yours. This exercise journey is yours, and I love being on it with you. It is yours to take ownership of I love being able to talk to you every single week and let you guys know what I am doing. I love being able to help you out, but you guys help me out to knowing that you guys are all out there taking ownership of your exercise planning ahead and making this exercise journey yours. Making exercise what you want it to be gives me so much joy. I love it. Absolutely take ownership of your exercise right now look ahead, look at your holidays, look at your holiday plans and where you're going to be what's going to happen. Who's going to be around you? And you make a decision of how you want to show up with your exercise journey. That is all up to you. All right, you guys, until next time,


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