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It's so interesting when we start looking inside our brains and look at our thoughts- the stories we tell ourselves. I ask myself often these days how is it possible that I didn't even know my true calling but yet now within a short year, I know my calling and things are just ROLLING. Don't get me wrong I know for a fact that God has blessed me and put me where I need to be, when I need to be there. It's just amazing to me how I could all of a sudden get out of the way and things are moving. When I said for my wind up Wednesday yesterday, that my purpose has nothing to do with me, I mean that with all my heart. The things that I am doing are for others. I know what I know, but I am doing no good if I don't share what I know. For some reason we live in a world (yes I've been guilty of this too) where we think that if we share what we know, we lose our edge! What?????? Yes again I have been guilty of this too. But, when we share what we know, we really just spread love and we spread knowledge, and we help others. We always talk about how we are there for others, but are we truly? If it came down to you helping me out when you're already in a jam would you? What's crazy is that when we do help (even if things are tight for ourselves) all of a sudden we are blessed with more. And maybe that doesn't mean in the monetary sense necessarily. But every single time I have given when things are tight, I still made it through. Things are meant to be shared, we are meant to share, in any way possible. When we share its because we love, care, or have compassion. When we have those things most likely we are also loving ourselves. Its always crazy to me to just sit and watch my brain. I love how even as a coach the shit that goes on in there is wild. - My favorite is when my dreams are coming a reality right in front of my face. If I don't stop to take a look around it can be easily missed. So every so often I have to make sure and do what I'm told, and thats just to "Be Still...."

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