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Coaching with Abundance

In athletics one of the things we learn and strive for is to be competitive. The more competitive one is, the more likely they are to succeed in the world of athletics - at least this is what we are taught from a very young age. We get very familiar with “competing” meaning that there will be an outcome that will include a winner and a loser. Always a winner and always a loser when it comes to competitions, and that’s honestly what most of us find to be fun. As coaches, when we have players or teams that we think don’t know how to compete, we aim to teach them how by implementing more drills in practice that include this theme of a winner and loser.

In a game situation there is definitely a benefit to having this competitive approach, as there is literally a winner and a loser included in the outcome. However, what we do as coaches is we then try to apply this exact same approach to everything we do or our players do. We do this in hopes of getting them to see the importance of showing up at their best, and competing at a high level, all in an attempt to not be on the losing end come game day.

What if we approached coaching with abundance instead of competition? Yes, I know what some of you are thinking, “Competing is WHY we love athletics.” But, what if the difference between having a winning season here and there versus a winning program consistently WAS approaching coaching with abundance instead of competition? What if we knew that approaching coaching with abundance would guarantee our program's consistent success?

The opposite of abundance is scarcity, and when we compete we are doing so out of scarcity from the thought that there can only be one winner and if you don’t win, you lose.

When you coach from a place of abundance, you are no longer limited by the ability of your opponents, you become truly open to your own team’s potential. When you compete and compare to an opponent, you limit yourself to just simply trying to be better than that opponent - and even if you choose the best opponent in the country, you put an external limit on your team. With abundance, you can work through your own team’s obstacles and become the strongest, best team you can be together. It then doesn’t matter who the opponent is on the court on any given night when you're coaching with abundance. The only thing that matters is the team in your own locker room.

When you can get to that point, the sky's the limit! When you really have coaching from abundance down, then you can coach intentionally. That is where you really get to have the program you truly want.

If you are a head coach and you are ready to create the program you truly want, subscribe below to get up to date information for my next 6 Month Coaching Intentionally Program, where I walk you step by step through coaching with abundance into coaching intentionally. Spots are extremely limited and will fill up very quickly, I hope you can join me!

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