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Compassion for Covid19

As coaches we have had so many ups and downs the last few months with everything going on in the world and in the country. We are on a day to day lookout when it comes to what is going to happen for the upcoming school year and season. We watch and wait as different organizations perform trial and error activities and some unfortunately are having to shut back down after athletes within the organizations are testing positive for the virus.

We thought and hoped that by this time we would be able to completely be back to normal and not even have to worry about this virus, yet here we are in July still watching and waiting. It’s defeating at times because just when you think things are getting better they seem to quickly come to a pause. Will life ever return back to normal? Will athletics return back to normal? What is normal anymore? Our brain comes up with all of these questions and if we don’t stop a minute to examine them, the upcoming months may seem bleak. But, we’ve done this before. We’ve adjusted and made the most of a situation that nobody had any control over. What is crazy is, it was only a few short months ago. We so easily let our mind wander back to the thoughts of panic and frustration. What if we took our power back once more? Compassion for Covid19.

We may not agree with the guidelines or the restrictions or lack of those in place, but we get to decide what we make them all mean. What if this was exactly what you and your program needed in order to be the best program you can be? What if this extra time being virtual is a gift of opportunity for you to get to truly know your student-athletes before they get back to campus? During recruiting sometimes we build really good relationships with our players because we are forced to get to know them from a distance. When they get to campus oftentimes we don’t continue to get to know them at the same intensity because there is so much more going on. Now we have a chance to get to know all of your players again like you were recruiting them. Individually you get to have a relationship with each and every one of them. How do you want to show up for your players during this time? Do you want to know them better? Find out their fears, what do they consider a success, who do they look up to? Listen to them. Hear them out. Approach this extra time the way you want to - intentionally. Don’t let this time have power over you by blaming Covid, instead have compassion for Covid and make the most of the opportunity. If you want to learn more about how you can have compassion during this trying time in the world and our country, please click here to set up a time to work in a free mini session with me.

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