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Don't Just Be Your Best, Be Who You Truly Want To Be

This past week I had a moment of clarity as a coach with my team. Sometimes we get so caught up in the task at hand that we don’t stop to get a pulse on the things around us currently needing our attention. For a couple of weeks I have been head down grinding in recruiting because we still have a couple spots open for the upcoming season. Because I was doing this, I didn’t take the time to realize what a great opportunity I had in front of me. Recently I committed to making sure that everything I do as an assistant coach is not just good, it is above and beyond! So putting my head down and really grinding with recruiting seems like a great thing to be doing, right? It was good but I realized it almost made me miss a great opportunity. With Covid, I think many of us have adjusted and incorporated some great things with our teams. These will be things we will be able to continue to use throughout the year, even when our players are back on our campuses and right in front of us.

As a certified life coach and certified mental performance coach I normally meet face to face with my players throughout the year to work on areas needing some improvement. In my business, I have an AMAZING program for coaches where I help them create the program they truly want. I am normally the first person to tell coaches that it is great to come to me (as a life coach) when there is not a problem because I can help prevent so many problems! I work with my clients/coaches ALL the time on preventing problems. It is a skill, and when I mastered it, I gained so much more peace in my life.

So, this week when I pulled my head up from recruiting I realized I can help my players in a way beyond what I have ever imagined. I want my players to always know they can do or be anything they ever truly want to be. This is also something I work with coaches on. I have a HUGE passion for it because I don’t care how old you are, you can do whatever you want! This is why I do what I do - to empower people not just to be their best self but to be the self they want to truly be! When I was able to lift my head from the recruiting I was able to see the person I truly want to be and that is the person who empowers people and helps them get where they truly want to be. That night I put a full program together for the upcoming weeks and we are on our way! Throughout life we are taught to have goals and make plans, but how do you ultimately follow through? That is what I have fun teaching! Now, It's time to get to work, I can’t wait to see what my players have in store for this year. I will definitely be keeping you all posted.

What if you knew you can have what you truly want? I’m so glad you are here, because YOU CAN! Click here to set up a free mini session where I can give you a tool that will help you get started immediately!

I look forward to talking to you more!

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