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Living Life Intentionally

CHAPTER 2. in with the new

April 30th… when that became the new date to look forward to- when the world would possibly return to the normal we knew – I began to think hard on what I’d want to come of this time. When life finally does return to somewhat normal, will I look back and regret not taking advantage more of this time we are currently given?

So, I decided I was going to start making new connections with people and building new relationships, where there are no strings attached. So often we go into relationships, or meeting people with an agenda, and I wanted to make sure that these new relationships were clean and agenda free – no intention to find players, no intention to talk basketball, and no intention to sell anything. All just wanting to know WHO the other person is.

Over the last 2 weeks I have been reaching out to women through Facebook messenger requesting to speak with them to get to know them more. Yes, I have had some push back and many people completely ignore me all together, which is completely fine and to be expected, but OMG, those that took the time to get back to me -I can’t say THANK YOU enough. Throughout this time of me reaching out I have met some AMAZING young women who are doing such incredible things! It has been so inspiring and uplifting to experience talking to each and every person who has agreed to take the time for me, especially me being a complete stranger. I have learned just how many absolutely wonderful people are all just a click away. I will continue to reach out and I am so excited to continue to keep in touch with some of the most amazing women I have ever met. – THANK YOU!

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