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Relationships Part 1

Relationships are a very funny thing. We try to make them so complicated but in reality they are very simple. A relationship is simply: our thoughts about another person.

Recently, I began reflecting on my relationship with my daughter and my mom. I was a nightmare of a child because I often just said what was on my mind with zero filters. I love my mom, always have – my behaviors just didn’t necessarily always reflect that to her. Now that I have my own daughter of course the thoughts come about how things would go if my daughter behaved the way I did.

The great thing about relationships being just our thoughts about the other person, is that I get peace of mind of knowing that no matter what she could possibly do, I can always feel however I want about her. As a parent yes, I will help to teach her things but I get to love her no matter what she does or ever says. And that thought alone makes me extremely happy. – until next time, remember you get to decide what your relationships are.

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