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The Day Technology Tested Me

WOW! What a day! I sit up still at 4am the day after I was supposed to speak to a group of Australian coaches. This was a talk that had been planned for about a month and the day had finally arrived and I was beyond excited. Nervous? Absolutely, but completely excited. I was all set even an hour before we were supposed to jump on the call, tested out all of my technology as well as making sure backgrounds were good, and even a place for my water incase my throat got so dry I couldn't speak 😉. But then 6:30p came and it was time to go, I had gotten on a few minutes early and all of a sudden. Internet connectivity issues began arising almost immediately. "Ahhhhhh" panic began setting in! Thoughts of "no no no" and "what are all these coaches going to think of me not being prepared with proper internet stability?" Many things flashed in my head for an extremely brief second, then I remembered, "I can handle any emotion, and although this seems to be the absolute worse thing that could happen in this exact moment, I will be ok, because all I'm feeling are emotions - embarrassment, frustration, nerves - all just simply emotions so I am good!

I kept trying to make the connectivity work and it failed over and over again. So instead of panicking and sulking in the disappointment that would have been a few months and years ago, I was able to be more productive and moved right into solution mode. I was able to record the talk that would have been live and the group will even get the lighting turning to dark at that time 🙂. But back to here right now as I'm up at 4am still attempting to upload the video for these coaches to have first thing tomorrow since I was unable to get it to them today. I am so proud of myself and how today could have easily been a disaster and instead its been one of my proudest moments thus far during this Covid19 time. GROWTH IN A PANDEMIC AT ITS FINEST MY FRIENDS! So glad I can share with you all in these times!

If you are wanting to begin your own journey of growth and you want me to help you through it - I would love to! Just visit and go to Work With Me! I can't wait to see all the progress and growth you will have!

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