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The Year Ahead

Navigating through life where everything we do is intentional. Intentionally living is something that from the name may sound very unattractive, but what is intentional living? Today I really want to take time to re-evaluate this intentional living and refocus on things that are beneficial for me in my life. I think oftentimes, we say that we are doing things that are benefiting our lives, but can we say that we are doing them intentionally or are we just making decisions as they come and then choosing the “best decision” at the time we are faced with a decision. If I told you right now that you can have the life of your dreams no matter what your current situation is, would you want that? I know I sure would! These are the types of conversations I have with myself often - and today even more so. What does that mean, the life of my dreams? What is it that I really want? How do I get there? I think everyone dreams that maybe one day they can have this or one day they can have that, and then I think as time goes on and years go by we just stop dreaming all together and become stagnant in our daily routine. When you are intentionally living, you are able to put it all together. You are able to follow through and make things a reality that you may have only thought could only be a dream.

I know I talked yesterday about having the webinar of my dreams this upcoming Friday, but what about having the life of my dreams. Although over a year ago I learned and started living and thinking intentionally, there is such a difference between knowing something is the best thing for you and actually committing and deciding to follow through with that commitment. Each and every one of us have the power to do anything we want. Today, I was thinking, “I teach my clients how to have the program of their dreams, why can’t I apply my same strategies to myself to create the life of my dreams?” Guess what? I can! So boy, oh boy this next year I am so excited for. I cannot wait to see the things that will come from May 2020 to May 2021. This is the year of living intentionally. I am going to have the life of my dreams! If you want to start this journey with me, visit “Work With Me” on - it is time we make our dreams a reality and I will walk you step by step through this for the next year!

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