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When it's all Said and Done

All the build up, all the nerves - then the event was just one hour. One hour! After a week's worth of build up, anticipation, nerves, stress, and questions. Thoughts of "how am I going to make this work in such a short amount of time", and "I knew I shouldn't have done this" all crossed my mind. The thought of even canceling the webinar the day before, came and went. Just five minutes before it was time to be one I had to take one last breathe and say a little prayer. I knew this was where I was always meant to be at 3pm PST on Friday May 8, 2020. But our brains always try to protect us - they try to keep us from humiliation, and every other "negative" feeling that we could possibly run into. But when it was all said and done, when I leaned into the fear and allowed myself to be willing to feel any emotion that came with this webinar... I felt proud! I overcame a fear in me that has become far too common in my life. A fear that for so long I have given into and just allowed for it to take control and tell me what I will and won't do. Not anymore! When its all said and done, I'm choosing to be willing to feel and be curious about whats really on the other side of those feelings. We make them out to be so bad and so terrible but the worst thing about them is us trying to avoid them and the stories we are telling ourselves about the worst thing that could happen to us if we let that feeling in. When it's all said and done, the worst that can happen is just an emotion. That is the BEST news ever! This webinar along with the mini series on relationships (both through zoom and Facebook live) have been so beneficial to my process. When its all said and done, the things that seemed like huge mountains at one time, now seem like just a warm up! If there is a mountain in your life right now that seems way too big to conquer, I would love to help you! With the right tools, you can conquer any mountain! Check out my free mini session and we can see if my tools are right for conquring your mountain. - until next time!

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