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Growth in a Pandemic Pt 2.


When I think of all the ways I have grown during this pandemic, it makes me so excited! I didn't know what I was even capable of let alone attempt to do it just on a whim. So to recap so far: I have added many, many new friends on Facebook in the matter of about 4 weeks. I do not add new friends simply to increase my friend count, I began adding them to truly make new connections. I reached out to many of them to attempt to set a time where we could just chat which, like mentioned in a previous post, turned out to be absolutely amazing. Some people are still getting back to me to set up times to chat. I did a zoom mini series, did an encore Facebook Live mini series, created and published my new website, took "professional" photos, and I have consistently done and followed through on my weekly scheduling.

So, this week what is the thing that is going to make me completely uncomfortable??? I've decided to do a daily social media challenge for 1 year. And, if that wasn't crazy enough for me, I decided to add 3 new social media platforms that I have had and don't use or just never even tried. So, for 1 year I am going to post Sunday - Friday every day on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, SnapChat, and TikTok. I will work within my challenge of what each day is: Decision Sunday, Mess up Monday, Take Care Tuesday, Wind up Wednesday, Thankful Thursday, and Fishing Friday. I am going to attempt to use each platform in its intended use, but seeing as how I'm not completely sure what that is for some of them, that will take some trial and error. Oh, and did I mention that for the next year I'm also limiting my social media usage. Haha yup, you read that right. No more scrolling, I am going to be strictly posting my posts and moving on to the next great thing for the day. Please hear me when I say right now, if in the next year you comment, tag or say happy birthday and I do not respond, it is most likely because I didn't see it. I have had an extreme out pour of support for everything that I am doing and I am beyond blessed to have each of you in my life and along for this journey. Thank you for joining me, I will be posting new posts here 4 times a week beginning this week. - see you soon!

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