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Relationships Part 2

This week I have been trying to really focus on my relationships. I have been taking the time to see where I am with them and if I’m ok with what I come up with. As mentioned in my last post, relationships are simply our thoughts about someone else. Becayse of that, I know I have the power to change any of my relationships if I don’t like it at the moment.

All my life I’ve been known as that friend who kind of just did what I wanted. When I would go home from college, many times I would only tell one or two of my friends that I was back. I did that because honestly, I didn’t want to have to spend all my time going from place to place to see everyone in the short visit I had away from my normal nonstop college-athlete life. My thoughts at the time were that “I have too many friends to visit in such a short time, and if I tried, it would be a burden to me and my time.” Those thoughts made up my relationships, and as you can guess I never really prioritized my friends and those friendships didn’t really last.

Now that I understand that all of my relationships are simply my thoughts about the other person, I have been able to cherish my friendships in a way I’ve never imagined. I know that I have a choice with how I show up in my friendships and it all starts with my thoughts about the other person. This has resulted in me being able to have an appreciation for them being exactly who they are.

I think many times we lose touch with friends and blame it on distance or just life. But I want you to always remember it is our thoughts that make up our relationships. And that’s awesome news!!! If we want to have GREAT relationships despite distance or time, we each have the ability to do so! So, until next time – enjoy creating the relationships you want, all from within.

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