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Who Am I?

Welcome, welcome, welcome!!! I am so excited to be launching this new blog for you all but more importantly, I am really doing this for me! Through this blog you will hopefully get a small taste at the power that is within you. I recently completed a 2 minute teaching video for YouTube and from that I decided to continue to post short digestible teaching videos on YouTube, start a blog (here we are), and also figure out how to begin the podcast I’ve been wanting to start for a while. So, who am I? I am Kendra Aaron, a Life Coach, a College Basketball Coach, a Mom, a YouTuber, a Blogger, a Podcaster, and a complete Bada**. Will I fall? Yes. Will I embarrass myself at times? Probably. Will I succeed? Absolutely, and hopefully you will get to see it all. Besides, what’s the worst that can happen? I’m willing to find out!

This blog will teach you tools and concepts in a very short condensed form. If you want more information on topics, I would recommend the podcast as a go to for you. Additionally, if you are looking to really dive in, get your mind uncluttered, and start really seeing the power you have within, you can connect with me and we can set up a coaching session. Ultimately, for this blog I will show you how I am applying my coaching to my own day to day, minute to minute life. Many times as I type, I may be still realizing the power I have within. So if you are ready… I’m as ready as I’m ever going to be. – Let’s have some fun!

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